Invisible Push Up Bra

Need an INSTANT breast lift? No need for surgery - all you need is one of these!

All girls need that extra 'perk-me-up' especially when wearing dresses and tops with tricky necklines. This bra will keep your breasts supported and perky for up to 8 hours per wear. It’s soft to touch and very comfortable to wear.

• Strapless, backless & self-adhesive bra
Silicone lining clings directly to skin
Reusable 50 - 100 times!
Ensures a comfortable, secure and non-slip fit
Provides maximum shape and support to your assets

Colors available: Black & Beige (Skin)
Material: Silicone

How to use:
1. Remove bra from box
2. Loosen the clip on ties partially
3. Place bra on your breasts
4. Pull end of string ties, while pulling up the clip
5. Enjoy the lift!

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